Chris Cutler, Fred Frith, John Greaves live- Cancelled

Sunday -
Underflow Record Store&Art Gallery
Athens, Greece

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John Greaves...
John Greaves is a British multi instrumentalist and composer.
He was member of Henry Cow. His bass was the thriving force in bands like National Health and Love Of Life orchestra.He played with Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt, Penguinj Cafe orchestra, Carla Bley and Michael Mantler just to name a few. He shared a songwriting partnership with Peter Blegvad.
In recent years he has produced albums for the French classical label Harmonia Mundi.
From the mid-2000s, a significant focus for Greaves was a series of projects centered on French poet Paul Verlaine beginning with 2008's, Greaves Verlaine, his own settings of Verlaine poems with a decidedly un-retro aesthetic conceived in cooperation with French multimedia collective Les Recycleurs de Bruits.
In 2018, he released Life Size with guests including Zeena Parkins, Jakko Jakszyk, and Annie Barbazza.

Fred Frith in his own words…
“I’m a songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist (bass, keyboards, violin) and an improviser performing mostly on various permutations of the electric and acoustic guitar.
Occasionally I use crude home-made string instruments of my own invention. I learned how to compose in rock bands, starting with Henry Cow in 1968. This meant writing for and with people that I knew, and then arriving at the final result through a collective rehearsal process.
During the Henry Cow years I fell in love with the recording studio and its endless possibilities. I embrace the idea of the “work” as an unfinished and constantly mutating entity. Collaboration, improvisation, sculpting sound in the studio, and treating composition as an open-ended process remain central to how I make music.”

Chris Cutler...
Percussionist, composer, lyricist, author, broadcaster.
At the start of the seventies, he co-founded The Ottawa Music Company - a 22-piece Rock composer’s orchestra - before joining British experimental group Henry Cow.
Subsequently he co co-founded a series of mixed national groups: Art Bears, News from Babel, Cassiber, The (ec) Nudes, p53 and The Science Group - and was a permanent member of American bands Pere Ubu, Hail and The Wooden Birds. He works in successive projects with Fred Frith, Jon Rose, The Hyperion Ensemble, Annie Gosfield, Tim Hodgkinson, David Thomas, Peter Blegvad, Daan Vandewalle, Stevan Tickmayer, Lotte Anker, Lancu Dumitrescu, Ana Maria Avram, Himmel (minimalism for massed fuzz organs), The Watts, The Peter Blegvad Quintet and What River - and works with all the usual suspects in all the usual improvising contexts. He has toured the world as a soloist with his extended electrified kit.
He founded and runs the independent label ReR Megacorp and the art distribution service Gallery and Academic; he edited the New Music magazine Unfiled for 7 years, and is author of the theoretical collection File Under Popular - as well as numerous articles and papers published in 16 languages.
Other lasting collaborations have included Aqsak Maboul (Belgium), Les Quatre Guitaristes de l'Apocalypso-bar (Canada), The Kalahari Surfers (Africa), Perfect Trouble (Germany), The Residents (USA), Between (Sweden), N.O.R.M.A, (Italy), Telectu (Portugal), Half the Sky (Japan), The European Improviser's Ensemble (EU), Music for Films, Oh Moscow, Gong, The Work, Brainville, The Watts, Artbears Songbook, Nimmersatt, The Bad Boys Collective, The Artaud Beats, The Lindsay Cooper Songbook, Towering Inferno, Tense Serenity and Mirror Man.

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The most significant moment in Underflow history.
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