The new, already popular, Underflow Record shop & Art gallery,
Kallirrois 39, Athens, is now seven years old.

Underflow is a strickingly beautiful, inspirational space that
reveals one different face of Athens. Hidden under the Acropolis, it
blends perfectly with a scenery, offering a perfect spot not only for
music or art lovers.

it is important to provide a space for everyone, a place where you
can come with your old friends and end up having a new one; a place
for meetings and sharing, where you will feel welcome, and not
intimidated, a space for both well-established and not so known local
and international artists.

The place itself is spacious, perfect to host various events, from
book presentations, small theatrical plays, intimate acoustic live
performances, to exhibitions and lectures.

Underflow is more than just a record store or art gallery. We wanted
to create a place where people can find out about music they have
never known, or about bands and musicians from places that they have
never heard of, or, to put it simply, a place where music is still
relevant and important!

Underflow is easy to find – it is opposite of Siggrou-Fix tram and
metro station, and once you discover it, you will likely end up coming


Kallirrois 39 / 11743 Athens / Greece

Phone: 211 4039926

E-mail: info@underflow.gr

Till the end of August, opening hours are:

Monday-Friday: 12:00-21:00; Saturday: 11:00-16:00