Igor Wakhévitch / Kshatrya (The Eye Of The Bird)

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Format: Album, CD, Limited Edition

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  • 1Love Song To Ekalavya (The Ancient Age – Introducing The Quest Of The Secret Word, The Mantra Of Immortality) Prologue (6:22)
  • 2The Golden Night Part I (7:46)
  • 3The Golden Night Part II: A Walk Beneath The Stars – Ursa Minor: From The North (Polaris, Alpha Ursea Minoris) To The South (Kochab, Beta Ursea Minoris) (5:55)
  • 4The Silver Horses (Usha, The Guardian Of The East, The Goddess Morning, The Entity Of The Dawn) Om Ushaaya Nama (5:57)
  • 5The Roarer, The Entity Of Darkness, The Guardian Of The West (Rudra, The Three Eyed One) (7:57)
  • 6The Ride Of The Makara, The Elephant-Crocodile With A Fish Tail (1:45)
  • 7The Workload Of The World (10:40)
  • 827th September 1942. Train N°38. Railway Station Paris-Drancy. Destination: Auschwitz-Birkenau (6:36)

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