Georg Friedrich Händel / Israel In Egypt

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Format: 2xVinyl, Album, LP, Vinyl

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  • A1Ouverture Zu »Solomon« (Maestoso – Fuga, Allegro Moderato – Allegro) (8:15)
  • Erster Teil: EXODUS ()
  • A21. Rezitativ (Tenor): »Now There Arose A New King Over Egypt« (0:24)
  • A32. Alt-Solo Und Chor: »And The Children Of Israel Sigh’d« (3:49)
  • A43. Rezitativ (Tenor): »Then Sent He Moses« (0:32)
  • A54. Chor: »They Loathed To Drink Of The River« (2:25)
  • A65. Arie (Alt): »Their Land Brought Forth Frogs« (2:33)
  • A76. Chor: »He Spake The Word« (2:15)
  • A87. Chor: »He Gave Them Hailstones For Rain« (2:03)
  • B18. Chor: »He Sent A Thick Darkness« (3:41)
  • B29. Chor: »He Smote All The Firstborn Of Egypt« (2:37)
  • B310. Chor: »But As For His People« (4:43)
  • B411. Chor: »Egypt Was Glad When They Departed« (2:45)
  • B512. Chor: »He Rebuked The Red Sea« (3:21)
  • B613. Chor: »And Israel Saw That Great Work« (3:11)
  • Zweiter Teil: MOSES’ SONG ()
  • C114. Introitus (Chor): »Moses And The Children Of Israel« (3:43)
  • C215. Duett (Sopran I/II): »The Lord Is My Strength And My Song« (3:58)
  • C316. Chor: »He Is My God« (3:34)
  • C417. Duett (Bass I/II): »The Lord Is A Man Of War« (6:22)
  • C518. Chor: »The Depths Have Covered Them« (1:54)
  • C619. Chor: »Thy Right Hand, O Lord« (4:06)
  • C720. Chor: »And With The Blast Of Thy Nostrils« (2:52)
  • D121. Arie (Tenor): »The Enemy Said: I Will Persue« (2:42)
  • D222. Arie (Sopran): »Thou Didst Blow With The Wind« (1:50)
  • D323. Chor: »Who Is Like Unto Thee, O Lord« (2:25)
  • D424. Duett (Alt/Tenor): »Thou In Thy Mercy Hast Led Forth Thy People« (4:20)
  • D525. Chor: »The People Shall Hear And Be Afraid« (6:08)
  • D626. Arie (Alt): »Thou Shalt Bring Them In« (3:58)
  • D727. a) Chor: »The Lord Shall Reign For Ever And Ever« (0:51)
  • D828. Rezitativ (Tenor): »For The Horse Of Pharaoh« (0:25)
  • D927. b) Chor: »The Lord Shall Reign For Ever And Ever« (0:50)
  • D1029. Rezitativ (Tenor): »And Miriam, The Prophetess« (0:21)
  • D1130, Sopran-Solo Und Chor: »Sing Ye To The Lord« (3:45)

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